Miss Erica

Oct 30, 2020

2 min read

Explore Matific. Write a review for a local educational blog about the way in which Matific can be used. Support your ideas with literature. Suggested literature search: technology in mathematics, iPads in mathematics, engaging mathematics learning.

To me, exploring Matific was old school meeting new school. I was a little apprehensive at first but before I knew it I was bobbing my head and doing a little jig with excitement. I am a learner that was born in the very late 1970’s and find myself in a love hate relationship with mathematics. However as an educator of the future I have come to the realisation and respect the idea that:

“When it comes to technology in the classroom, it’s all about balance.” (Attard, 2017)

Matific is an animated program that caters from foundation through to year 6. This alone is so valuable. Especially knowing how vital it is to teach mathematics correctly early so students can understand and enjoy throughout their schooling years and beyond.

For those of us who are new to the world of technology in the classroom, choosing the right resources among the sea of options is not an easy task.

Matific can be incorporated into your teaching. It is appealing to students and has a variety realistic representations of familiar fundamental math concepts. Matific can be used on various devices such as Pc, laptop, iOS and android smartphone and tablet.

“The proficiency strands understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning are an integral part of mathematics content across the three content strands” (ACARA, 2020.) I highly support the notion that this program can improve students’ academic outcomes. Matific continuously monitors the student’s progress providing accurate data that showcases the students ability to make connections to key mathematical learning areas. Matific is brilliantly aligned with the Australian Curriculum and also provides weekly learning reports sent directly to the teacher.

Overall, Matific does deliver on its ability to create a fun, interactive and engaging learning environment for both the student and teacher. This resource would be a fantastic way to promote confidence and help students (and teachers) discover the love of maths.