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Aug 19, 2019

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Imagine you have been hired by a curriculum authority to create a new visual that represents the Working Mathematically Proficiencies.

The purpose of the working mathematically proficiencies is an opportunity for students to build their confidence and grow using Problem Solving, Communication, Fluency, Reasoning and Understanding throughout their learning journeys. These five proficiencies are connected so freely. Each represents certain aspects of skills that enhance each other as well.

As a future teacher I am looking forward to going on the journey with everyone in my ‘Journey Circle’. My fellow teaching colleagues, teacher aides, specialist teachers, external agencies, parents, carers and of course the students.

The image below shows the main circle in the centre labelled:

Working Mathematically NESA Proficiencies then surrounded by more circles touching the centre circle to represent the interconnectedness. The arrows represent the direction of the learner’s journey. These arrows point in both clockwise and anticlockwise to represent the variety of ways the teacher can travel with the learner.

There is always time for story telling on any type of journey. Storytelling and a great place to ask questions and learn new things and skills.

“Good questioning techniques have long being regarded as a fundamental tool of effective teachers.” as stated by Jenni Way in an article called Using Questioning to Stimulate Mathematical Thinking reinforces my interpretation of journeying.

Everychild is a capable learner as a future teacher I cannot wait to learn from my students.

Mathematically Thinking: Representation of the relationships between key proficiencies.


Jenny Way-Using Questioning to Stimulate Mathematical Thinking

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