Miss Erica
2 min readDec 17, 2020


Create two resources that can support student’s understanding of place value.

Reflect on their use with students. Support your ideas with literature.

“Place Value Fun: roll it, make it and write it!”

This resource was designed for years three and four. This three part lesson or activity will take place after a minimum of 2 lessons exploring ‘place value’ and then this activity can promote prior knowledge. This resource is a follow up activity introducing kinaesthetic learning. I have chosen the following design and resource after being inspired by the following statement:

“Manipulative materials are objects designed to represent explicitly and concretely mathematical ideas that are abstract.” [nrich maths, 2016]

Students can begin with a warm up activity — working in pairs rolling a dice twice each to see who can create the number with the largest value. Recording their 2 or 3 digit numbers in their maths workbook or a piece of paper. This can be repeated to create 3, 4 digit numbers (pending on student understanding).

Next, students can work independently with four dice each to create four digit numbers using the Place Value chart: Th | H | T | O. Representing Thousands, Hundreds, Ones. Starting with the ones then working towards the thousands. This process can be repeated 3–5 times before moving onto ‘make it’ in expanded notation. After these students, can be extended by writing the four digit numbers in words.

I have including these literacy and writing components after considering the following statement below:

The Math Forum, in response to a question about using manipulatives in the classroom states,

“Although the use of manipulatives in combination with other methods can enrich and deepen students’ understanding, relying only on manipulatives as a means of instruction can also be ineffective. Students may lose the opportunity for deeper conceptual learning if manipulatives are used without further formal discussion, abstraction, and mathematical connection.”

With careful listening and learning, I am excited to explore these concepts and look forward to developing my understanding of these valuable resource ideas.


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