Miss Erica

Aug 19, 2019

1 min read



Explore Matific. Write a review for a local educational blog about the way in which Matific can be used. Support your ideas with literature.

The motto says it all.

“Thoughtful Learning. Deep Understanding”

Matific is a research based mathematics digital application that is designed for critical thinking and aligned with the Australian Curriculum (ACARA). Not only do students learn through play, as educators, it is a great way to enhance and enrich your existing teaching. Children love to play games and this is exactly why Matific is recognised worldwide for its award winning pedagogy.

“ If designed in a manner that considers these social and cultural contexts, mathematical activities can become personalised and provide opportunities for deep learning and consequently enhance mathematical meaning.” [MacDonald, A., & Lowrie, T. (2011)]

Matific is flexible to each child’s learning needs. With this flexibility is promotes confidence and comprehension within the learner I would highly recommend this as an additional teaching resource.


MacDonald, A., & Lowrie, T. (2011). Developing measurement concepts within context: Children’s representations of length. Mathematics Education Research Journal, 23(1)

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